What Is Cryptomining Malware

The newest trends in the digital crime is the term which by now we are all well aware ,Crypto Mining malware or mining malware or cryptojacking, is a reasonably new terms used to denote software programs and malware components designed to take over the computer’s resources and use them for cryptocurrency mining without a user’s obvious permission.


To gain monetary gains and increase web traffic for the benefit the Cyber hackers have progressively turned to crypto mining malware as a means to harness the processing power of large numbers of electronic and digital device like the computers, smartphones to help them generate revenue from cryptocurrency mining. According to a cybersecurity company analysis a single cryptocurrency mining botnet can get a cyber criminals more than $30,000 per month.

How does crypto mining malware work?

This method of cryptojacking doesn’t need the direct interaction with victims, in the way other malware or ransomware works where dozens of benefits are shown to the victim: ┬áthat leaves the user confused and unaware that their machine is infected with malware, meaning rather than providing payment in one quick hit like ransomware, the operation can be sustained for a long period of time.


Browser-Based Cryptocurrency Mining Growing As Well

Not only malware based mining of cryptocurrency is prevalent these days, cyber hackers have also turned to browser-based cryptocurrency mining to help them generate revenue from mining. Cryptocurrency mining based on browser has been in around 2011, but only recently has it has been highlighted and become a widespread issue, due to the explosive growth in cryptocurrency as well as the launch in 2017 of new browser-based cryptocurrency mining services like Coinhive.

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To help the crime hacker, a software Coin Hive is designed to packages all the tools necessary to enable website owners to use sly scripting to force visitors into cryptocurrency mining while browsing their site, this activity is carried out in most cases without any sign to the visitor.

This is debatable issue if Coinhive is malware or a tool to help the website owners generate additional income (if site visitors are made aware and consent to the mining activity), there’s no doubt that Coinhive is exploited to mine cryptocurrency without a web visitor consent, Coin Hive should be considered another form of cryptocurrency mining malware.

Our recommendation

To allure the customer there are many free and paid anti-malware software online to choose from, the free version will help you scan and detect a small amount of malware whereas the paid version completely cleans and optimize your computer.

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