our Connection Is Not Private

How To Fix “Your Connection Is Not Private”

Online frenzy is catching the world like wildfire ,most of us use the computer or phone for most of our needs like online shopping, paying the bill and imagine that while browsing the internet  suddenly you get hit with this error “your connection is not private”. Wondering why this happened?  

This is due to what’s known as an SSL error. What is SSL error?

What is SSL error?
SSL error

SSL (secure sockets layer) is an internet expertise which is designed to ensure that site visitor data entered into a web page is secure and private.

Whenever there is a SSL error Net::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID appear on your Google chrome, it’s this principally notifying you that your computer or internet connection you are using, it is preventing Chrome from loading the page privately and securely.

If you’re using Windows 7 or Windows 10 desktop, this is a commonly happening error Your Connection Is Not Private Error

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Listed down are some common fixes to repair this error.

Solution #1: Correct the Date and Time of Your Computer

  1.       The first solution is to make sure that the date and time is correct on your computer.
  2.       Do a right click on the date and time section on the toolbar and select “Adjust date/time”.
  3.       Now that you are sure that the information is correct- select your suitable time zone.

Solution #2: Examine Your Antivirus Program Settings

Another reason for this error to occur is that the antivirus software you are using could be causing this error depending on your settings. An over-sensitive antivirus application could be upsetting your browsing experience. One possible solution for this issue depends on which type of antivirus you’re using, switching off the “Scan SSL” option can help solve this issue. This should only be done if you’re confident that the sites you’re visiting are clean of viruses, spam or malware. If you are not confident and can’t locate such a setting, you can temporarily suspend your antivirus and return to the offending site- this is also a sure and good method to verify and test if your antivirus program is causing the “your connection is not private” error.

Solution #3: Try Chrome’s Incognito Mode

You can go with another option to correct this error, which is to press Ctrl + Shift + N at the same time on your keyboard- this will pop up an Incognito session- copy and paste the URL you’re trying to reach and see if it generates the connection privacy error.

If this action doesn’t happen and brings up the Incognito window, it could be that one of your Chrome extensions is preventing the site from loading. If it is in Incognito mode, none of your Extensions will be in active mode- so if the site is loading, it’s essentially indicating that one of the Extensions is the possible culprit. Try temporarily disabling various extensions.

Solution #4: Clear Browsing Data

As we are most of our time on the browser and opening various sites we tend to download or install images, pictures, videos, and much more. All these combine together and form History, Cache, Cookies, Temporary Files and then result in this error.

There is another easy fix for this issue. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, this is basic common knowledge   you should know that as you browse the Internet and are visiting websites, you are actually downloading copies of its content (like images) to your personal computer. No whenever you look at the same site later, the already used web browsers starts to use these copies to load the page faster, instead of re-downloading the image all over again. This is known as caching. This will make for faster page load times, but could block up your hard disk drive with unneeded temporary files.

So the next logical question will be is it possible to get rid of these files together with browsing data like Internet History, Download History, and Cookies along with other files to release hard drive space.

Solution #5: Close & Restart

Always as a rule to correct this error, restarts your browser. Whatever browser you’re using whether be it Safari, Opera Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chromium, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or something else- this is another common solution if you’re experiencing SSL connection issues. If no other solution work, and you’re sure that the site you’re trying to access isn’t loaded with the world with a virus, ignore the warning and click through to the site anyway.

Solution #6: Restart Your Computer

This is the final solution and fix to this error, restart your computer which might be worth exploring. Sometimes a fresh start can magically fix a technical glitch.

Watch How To Fix “Your Connection Is Not Private”

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